Annapurna Circuit Trail sees more European tourists   

Manang:  More than 6,000 foreign tourists, mostly Europeans, have visited Manang district since the beginning of the current fiscal year 2021/22 to till date.    


The Annapurna Circuit Trail which is one of the major tourist attractions has welcomed 6,584 European tourists. Among them, French tourists constituted the biggest number (801) followed by German (699).    
Similarly, tourists from other countries such as Israel, the UK and India among others have also come to the mountainous district, according to Annapurna Conservation Area, Manang chief Lekhnath Gautam.    


Foreign tourists arrived in highest number in April and March, at 2,382 and 1,231 respectively, informed Gautam. Annapurna trail is popular among the foreigners as it includes sub-tropical verdant forests, various famous trekking routes such as snow-bound Thorangla pass, Larke Pass and places such as world’s highest altitude fresh water lake Tilicho Lake and holiest shrine-Muktinath Temple and high mountains.    


Around 77 foreign tourists on average are recorded setting their feet in Annapurna trail on a daily basis since the outset of tourist season this spring.    


Lately, domestic tourists are also seen in Annapurna trail, recognized as one of top 10 most incredible travel experiences in the world by Lonely Planet for 2021. —  

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