NTA speeds up optical fiber network expansion drive

Kathmandu :  The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has expedited its attempt to lay optical fiber network to avail the people with broadband internet service.

The NTA said the broadband internet service has started in the estimated locations in 74 districts through the mobilisation of Rural Telecommunications Development Fund. Of the completed projects, monitoring and verification of eight is done so far while the remaining others are going through the second and third phase of monitoring and verification.

Likewise, mobilisation of the same Fund is ongoing to install the optical fiber to link the district headquarters and the Mid-Hill Highway. In the first phase, a total of 1,314 kilometres optical fiber has been installed in Province 1, Madhes Province and Bagmati Province while the work is on progress in Karnali Province and Sudurpaschim Province.


NTA Spokesperson Santosh Poudel said the broadband internet would be provided through the mobilisation of the Fund in all local levels including their ward offices, community schools and community health care institutions in the worst affected eight districts from the Gorkha Earthquake. In those districts, the NTA would also provide internet tariffs for upto two years to those districts after the installation of broad board internet service. So far, agreement papers have been signed with 72 local levels out of 76.

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